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Our story

Hello, I’m Anjanette… mum of two dinosaur mad boys. They really do love dinosaurs… well my eldest one even more so, but the little one is not so far behind as he loves everything that his big brother does! And their love of dinosaurs is so infectious that I would find myself getting excited whenever I came across a beautifully illustrated book, a colourful dinosaur print or yet another drinks bottle.

The months leading up to birthdays and Christmases would be spent scouring the internet for the most “coolest” dinosaur gifts for my boys… but dinosaurs being a niche meant that shops only had small ranges so I would find a nice figure from one shop, a book from another, bedding from somewhere else – very time consuming and costly after delivery fees for each shop.
This is when I had a light bulb moment and figured that other parents would be doing the same… so why not open my own online shop and put all the best designed dinosaur products under one roof… and ta-dah! Dino Dino!

Dino Dino is a collection of the best designed toys and games, books, lifestyle products, home décor and gifts which appeal to both boys and girls, kids and grown ups. We are a small business, therefore we want to show our support for other small businesses by including their wonderful dinosaur designs in our range, along side classic well known brands.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience… you might even find something for yourself! (it's not just for kids you know!)